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20 years, 20 nuggets

On June 22, 2022, Pastor Chris and his wife, Kyndal, celebrated 20 years of marriage. On their anniversary they shared 20 nuggets of wisdom with their Facebook friends.

Below is their post ...

Today, Kyndal and I celebrate 20 years of marriage. WOW! That went by way too fast.

For our anniversary, we each wrote and then compiled 20 takeaways we’d like to share with those coming behind us. Here’s our list …

  • Date your spouse as often as possible.

  • Show your love in small ways, regularly. It doesn’t have to be grand or expensive.

  • Randomly text each other during the week, for example, “Hope you’re having a great day, Hot Stuff!” 😘

  • Find an example of a longtime, Godly marriage and emulate what you see.

  • Learn each other‘s love language — it will make a difference. It will save you time, money and effort.

  • Gas up your car, roll the windows down, turn on your favorite playlist and cruise the backroads together.

  • Enjoy intimacy with your spouse. However, intimacy doesn’t always equal sex.

  • Talk about your plans and goals regularly.

  • Two became one, so should your bank account.

  • In-laws … we’ll leave that one alone 😉

  • You might get in a hole financially — so much so that your lights get turned off while you’re getting ready for work. If so, it’s OK. You will recover. (1) You didn’t get into the hole overnight, and it won’t go away overnight either. (2) You’re better together. Make sacrifices and dig out. You can do it!

  • Communicate about everything! When in doubt, talk it out.

  • Figure out how to set boundaries with your extended family early on.

  • Don’t strive for a perfect marriage because there isn’t one.

  • Go to church even if your spouse might not join you every time.

  • Don’t go to bed angry. (or leave the house angry, either)

  • Love is not a fight, but it’s worth fighting for! — Check out Warren Barfield’s song, “Love is not a fight”

  • Put Christ at the center of your marriage! You’ll be glad you did. Even though it took us eight years, it’s never too late.

  • When you don’t know what else to do, pray.

  • And no, after 20 years, it doesn’t get any easier to decide what you want to eat for dinner 🤪

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